13 Things About Apply for a social security card online fast You May Not Have Known

You can change a lost or stolen Social Security card up to 3 times at a year as well as 10 times throughout your life. Finding a new card as a result of change in your legal name or citizenship status doesn't count toward the constraints.

You can request a replacement card online if you:

Take an My Social Security account.


Are 18 or elderly.

Aren't modifying the name to the card.

Take a U.S. mailing address (diplomatic and military speeches count).

Live in a state that shares its computer data with Social Security. West Virginia and alabama, Connecticut, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah don't. The checklist is updated regularly, so check the Social Apply for a social security card online fast Security website to determine whether your country's status has changed)


If you never have an accounts or don't meet with any of the criteria, you should have to complete an application form and mail it or take it. You will have to extend a government-issued photo ID -- even a state-issued ID card, a driver's permit or either a passport.

If you don't possess any of those, Social Security will ask to find the other kind of current ID that shows your name; identifying information like age or date of arrival and, rather, a latest photograph -- as an instance, a worker, student or U.S. military ID or a medical insurance card (but maybe not really a Medicare card).

Your new Social Security card may arrive from the mail in 10 to 14 days. There's not any charge.

Keep in your mind

For mail asks, Social Security requires that you send in original documents or copies certified by the agency that issued the document. Photocopies though notarized, are not accepted. Social Security will return your documents as soon as your new card is processed by them.

To change the name in your Social Security card, then you will need to provide (by mail or in your community office) proof of your new name -- for instance, a marriage certificate, adoption papers or a court order granting the shift -- and proof of citizenship and identity. Again, these must be originals or certified copies. Social Security might accept an unexpired identity record then that they can match it into a previous name into their own records if you have no any of those documents.